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HALJIA DC 24V Light Control Switch Module Detection Sensor Relay Photoresistor

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  • The use of photosensitive resistance induced light intensity, comes with genuine high-quality relay, can directly control the AC or DC load,Normally open interface Maximum load capacity: AC 0V - 250V / 10A, DC 0V - 30V / 10A;
  • Through the potentiometer to adjust the sensitivity, by adjusting the potentiometer, set the start relay threshold, when dark this threshold, the module relay pull, light this threshold, the relay release;Intelligent adjustment design, when the relay action, the automatic fine-tuning action threshold, to solve the critical value of repeated action problems;
  • The module has anti-reverse function, reverse the power supply will not damage the module; Equipped with power indicator(red), the road relay status indicator(blue)
  • The module voltage 24V; With four fixed bolt holes, easy to install;
  • The module size: 5.0cm * 3.0cm * 1.8cm; The module free with 30cm long photosensitive resistor detection lead

Two instructions for use
1, Photosensitive resistors are sensitive to ambient light and are generally used to detect changes in the brightness of light in the surrounding environment;
2, The module in the ambient light is dark when the set threshold, the relay pull, the common terminal and normally open(with the normally closed end), when the ambient light is set at the set threshold, the relay is off, the common With the normally open end(with the normally closed end);
3, The common, normally open, normally closed three ports is equivalent to a dual control switch, the relay coil has electricity, the common and often open at the beginning, no electricity, the common and normally closed end conduction;
Three electrical parameters
Operating voltage: DC 24V (should not exceed the nominal voltage of +/- 10%)
Operating current: 
less than 90mA at 5V(less than 5mA when relay is not active)
12V less than 50mA(relay is not action less than 5mA)
24V less than 30mA(relay is not action less than 5mA)
Operating temperature: Recommended -20 Celsius -60 Celsius (limit operating temperature range -30 Celsius -70 Celsius )
Load capacity: relay normally open port Maximum load capacity: DC 0-30V / 10A, AC 0-250V / 10A
Relay normally closed port Maximum load capacity: DC 0-28V / 10A, AC 0-125V / 10A

Packing List:
1 x Photoresistor relay control module