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HALJIA DC-DC Booster Module 2A Booster Board Compatible with Arduino Raspberry Pi DIY Etc

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  • Pressure regulating mode
  • Potentiometer in the face of the chest, turn anti-clockwise to boost!

Product description

1 module characteristics (boost module):
1) maximum output current: 2A
2) input voltage: 2 V ~ 24 V
3) maximum output voltage: > V 5V-28
4) Efficiency: > 93%

2 Mechanical properties:
1). Product size: 36 mm x 17 mm x 14 mm

3 using method
After the module, + and - 2 ~ 24 V, the potentiometer can be adjusted to adjust the output voltage, the output voltage is more than the input voltage

4 note
1). Input voltage should not exceed the maximum input voltage
2). Peak current output current is no more than 2A

There are customers reflect the module output voltage can not be adjusted, always equal to the input voltage. When you encounter this kind of problem, please counter clockwise rotation potentiometer 10 laps, and then use the module can adjust the normal voltage.