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HALJIA Digital Barometric Air Pressure Sensor Module 0-40 KPa Water Level Controller Board Liquid Flow Sensor Module Compatible with Arduino 3.3V-5V

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  • The HX710 is a 24-bit A/D converter chip designed for high-precision electronic scales with high integration, fast response, and high immunity to interference.
  • The input low noise amplifier has a gain of 128, when the reference voltage VREF is 5V, the corresponding full-scale differential input signal amplitude is ±20mV.
  • The clock oscillator inside the chip does not require any external devices. The digital temperature sensor on the HX710A chip can directly read the inside of the chip, that is, the temperature inside the system.
  • HX710B can be used to detect battery voltage by detecting the voltage difference of DVDD-AVDD.
  • All control signals are driven by pins and there is no need to program the registers inside the chip. The MCU requires only two I/O ports to achieve all control of the ADC, including power-down control.

This link can download a detailed description: http://download.haljia.com/download/Sensor/HX710/HX710.rar
This module adopts high precision AD sampling chip and 0-40KPa air pressure sensor.
It can connect 2.5mm soft tube and detect the water level and other air pressure.
Adopt 5K ohm resistor bridge sensor, and specific air pressure value needs calculating.
On-chip direct temperature measurement and digital output (HX710A)
(DVDD-AVDD) Voltage Difference Measurement (HX710B)
On-chip low noise amplifier with 128 gain.
On-chip clock oscillator does not require any external devices.
Power-on automatic reset circuit.
Simple digital control and serial communication: all controls are input by pins, and the on-chip registers do not need to be programmed.
Optional 10Hz and 40Hz output data rates.
Synchronously suppress power disturbances of 50Hz and 60Hz
Voltage: 3.3V-5V
Pressure: 0- 40 KPa
Size: 19*18mm (2mm fixing hole)
Weight: 1.7g

Packing List:
1 x Barometric Pressure Sensor Module