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HALJIA DS1302 Real Time Clock Module Compatible with Arduino AVR ARM PIC SMD

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  • Module operating voltage compatible 3.3V/5V, can be connected with 5V and 3.3V microcontroller
  • DS1302 is made large 8-pin DIP chip, chip below IC socket for easy replacement and swap chips
  • Backup battery is genuine celestial CR2032, Voltage 3V, current 260mAh, non-rechargeable batteries. Theoretical data retention time is more than 10 years!
  • Crystal 32.768KHz, matching capacitance 6pF, size 2 * 6mm

Product description

Real-time clock with energy clculations before 2100 seconds, minutes, hours, day, week, month, year capacity, as well as the ability to leap year adjustment
serial I / O ports such a way that a minimum number of pins
Wide operating voltage range 2.0 5.5V
2.0V, operating current of less than 300nA
Read / write clock or RAM data transfer mode, there are two single-byte and multi-byte transfer mode transmission character set
8-pin DIP package or an optional 8-pin SOIC surface mount package under
Simple 3-wire interface
Vcc = 5V and TTL compatible
Optional industrial temperature range of -40 to +85
Dual power tubes used for the main power supply and backup power supply