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HALJIA Expansion Board Module 9 in 1 Multifunction Expansion Board DHT11 Humidity Sensor and LM35 Temperature Sensor Buzzer Compatible with Arduino UNO R3

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  • Nine kinds of functions concentrated in this one module shield: DHT11 Temperature Humidity Sensors, Passive buzzer, Brightness sensor, LM35D temperature sensor, Full color LED module, 2-way button module, 2-way LED module, Infrared receiver module, Rotary potentiometer module.
  • A board integrates a variety of module functions, fully compatible with Ard UNO R3 interface, provides the basic experimental module for Ard beginners introduction.
  • No welding, no connection, you can complete the experiment by downloading the program directly. All module code library files are provided, all tested and can be used directly.
  • Set aside the expansion port, you can complete other modules experiments.
  • The high row pin design will avoid contact with USB port of the UNO board, so prevent from occur short circuit.

Can do a variety of experiments, let you easily study arduino.
It reserves expansion port and can do various experiments.
Fully compatible with Arduino UNO R3.
Slowly attach the pins on the back of the board to the Arduino, then plug in.
It can connected Arduino with computer through data cable.
It has customed high-pin to avoid the occurrence of short circuit with Arduino.
Size: 68.5 x 54 x 18mm
Weight: 20.8g

Packing List:
1 x Arduino Expansion Board Multifunction Expansion Board