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HALJIA LM393 Voltage Comparator Module Adjustable Signal Waveform High Low Level/Load Drive Dual Channel 4.5-28V High Voltage Module

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  • The module realizes precise linear linearity adjustment, realizes high and low level and load-driven dual output, which is convenient for front-end acquisition and single-chip switching.
  • The module sensor can be connected to many sensors, such as: Resistive sensors: NTC type thermistor type temperature sensor, photoresistor type photosensor, vibration sensor, etc.
  • Using Method:by reference voltage adjusting potentiometer to generate reference voltage,and compare voltage generated by sensor and divide resistor with reference voltage,achieving high/low level comparision result output.
  • LM393 comparator chip, module input voltage is 4.5-28V, stable performance.
  • Application: NTC thermosensitive temperature sensor, photosensitive sensor

Module input voltage: 4.5-28V
Comparator chip: LM393 comparator chip
Module sensor can connect many sensors, Such as: Resistive sensor: NTC thermistor type temperature sensor, photoresistor type photosensitive sensor, vibration sensor, etc.!
Size: 39.6 × 18mm

How to use: 
Adjust the reference voltage to adjust the potentiometer to generate the reference voltage. The voltage generated by the sensor and the voltage divider is compared with the reference voltage to achieve the output of the high and low level comparison results.

The effective range of the threshold voltage is 0- (power supply voltage minus 1V). For example, 5V power supply, the effective value of the reference threshold voltage is 0-4V, and the comparison output can be realized. 
If the threshold voltage is greater than 4V in the case of 5V power supply, then the output will always remain at a low level equal to no output.

Packing List:
1 × LM393 Voltage Comparator Module