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HALJIA PC817 2 Channel Optocoupler Isolation Board Voltage Converter Adapter Module 3.6-30V Driver Photoelectric Isolated Module

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  • Using 2-way 817 optocoupler, to achieve the control signal and the control signal isolation, you can directly use the microcontroller or other devices IO port to achieve voltage isolation control, you can achieve a small voltage control, the control side can be an external transistor MOS tube or different voltage levels Of the device interface.
  • Drive terminal signal voltage: 3.6-24V. Output terminal voltage range: 3.6-30V (output current depends on the specific situation but the maximum does not exceed 10MA, the total power is constant, the voltage and current are inversely proportional).
  • It can realize the interface of 3.3V or 5V to control the 3.6--24V voltage level. After the control terminal is turned on, the controlled terminal will also be turned on.
  • The photoelectric isolation has strong anti-interference ability. Behind can drive high-power transistors, MOS tubes and other occasions that require high-voltage driving, and can also directly drive low-power 24V relays to work.
  • If it is a pulse signal, please note that the limit of 817 is below 4KHZ. For control signals greater than 4KHZ, please do not use this module, it will work abnormally.

Module parameters:
1. Signal voltage of driving end: 3.6-24V
2. The voltage range of the output terminal: 3.6-30V (the output current depends on the specific situation, but the maximum is not 10MA, the total power is certain, and the voltage and current are inversely proportional).
3. The jumper cap can be used to realize whether the output terminal is high potential output or low output.
4. The 2 channels 817 on the board are all independent, which can realize the simultaneous control of different voltages, etc.
5. Board size: 38 × 29 mm
6. Weight:7.9g

Packing List:
1 × 2-Channel optocoupler isolation module