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HALJIA RS422 Mutual Transfer TTL Bi-directional Signal Module Full-duplex 422 Single-chip Microcomputer MAX490 TTL Module

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RS422 interface, two-way communication. A B Y Z ultra-long transmission 1000 meters. The module has 15KV ESD protection.
Add 10 ohm current limiting/overcurrent protection resistor to the board.
The module comes with TVS diodes. Anti-lightning, anti-spike voltage.
The module has 120 ohm terminal resistance, it can reduce long-distance communication echo interference effectively.
With power indicator and data transceiver indicator. Easy to watch the Data status.
The module TTL side uses 5V DC power supply RXD TXD compatible 5V logic signal.
The module uses high-quality MAX490 chip, stability and communication speed is extremely high, up to 2.5MBPS.
Module Size: 50 x 27.5mm
Weight: 8.5g

Packing List:
1 x RS422 Mutual Transfer TTL Bi-directional Signal Module