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HALJIA RS422 Mutual Turn TTL Bi-directional Signal Module Full Duplex 422 Turn Single Chip UART Serial Port Level Conversion 5V

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  • RS422 interface, two-way communication. A B Y Z GND interface, GND need not be used, ultra-long transmission 1000 meters.
  • ESD Protection with 15KV.
  • Increasing 10 Ohm Current Limiting Overcurrent Protection Resistance of High Power on Board.
  • With TVS Diode, Lightning Stroke Resistance, Peak Voltage Resistance.
  • 120 ohm terminal resistance to effectively reduce long-distance communication echo interference.

A=R+ B=R- Y=T+ Z=T-
With Power Indicator.
RS485 interface has 2-wire and 3-wire modes. It provides GND and can be chosen by itself.
RS485 interface uses conventional 301 terminals, simple wiring, users can also weld 2.54mm spacing pins by themselves.
TTL side, using 5V DC power supply. RXD, TXD compatible with 5V logic signal.
Communication rate 2.5MBPS.
Module Size: 31 x 28mm
Weight: 4.5g

Packing List:
1 x RS422 TTL Two-way Signal Module