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HALJIA Seamless Cascadable MAX7219 PIC 8x8 Dot Matrix Display LED 5.5V Control Module Compatible with Arduino

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  • Single module can have an 8 x 8 common matrix.
  • Module operating voltage: 5 V.
  • With 4 fixed screw holes, aperture 3 mm.
  • Module with input and output interface, support several modules cascade.
  • Integrating serial input/output common cathode display driver, connects microprocessor to 8-digit or 7-digit LED display, bar graph display and 64 red LED.

Module Dimensions: 3.2 cm x 3.2 cm x 1.3 cm
When only control a single module, just need to connect the input port to CPU.
When connect more modules, input port of the first module should connect CPU, onput port of that connects the input port of the second module, and the onput port of the second module connects the input port of the third module, and so on.

1.Please don't connect VCC and GND inversely, lest the chip is burnt out. 
2.When MCU-51 P0 port controls, the pull-up resistor must be connected, and the suggested resistance is about 4.7K-10K. 
3.Please insert the dot matrix to the round hole block firstly, and then insert the round hole block to the PCB board for weing. 
4.Please hold the side of dot matrix with words towards yourself, and the PIN of this side is on the order of 12345, from left to right. 



Package Inculded: 
1 x MAX7219 dot matrix display module