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HALJIA Smart Mecanum Wheel Robot Car Compatible with BBC Micro:bit V2 Makecode and Python Programming DIY Coding Educational Kit for Kids Teens Adults (Without Micro:bit)

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  • Mecanum wheels use high-quality rubber, big friction force, smooth tire operation process without the jump. 
  • We provide easy-to-follow instructions which are easier for players to learn Micro:bit programming and electronics computer skills. 
  • You're able to code your own Micro:bit to explore more functions and have fun like playing music and shining dazzling lights. 
  • A series of projects you can program to operate the robot car include: ultrasonic obstacle avoidance, RGB colorful lights, music-playing, rotation, panning, infrared remote control, etc.
  • It's suited to beginners, particularly young people in education, to broaden their mind and stimulate their creativity further in the course of using our smart robot car.
Technical Details:
1.Color: Black
2.Dimensions: ‎14 x 14 x 5 cm
3.Weight: 350 g
4.Material Type: Plastic
5.Assembly Required
6.Program: MakeCode and Python
7.Buzzer: Used to play music.
8.RGB Lights: Shine colorful lights.
9.Servo: Rotate to change the orientation of ultrasonic ranging.
10.Ultrasonic Ranging Module: The car is able to detect and avoid any obstacles in front of it.
11.Infrared Remote Control: Control the car wirelessly.
12.Perfect choice for children as a gift.
Packing List:
1 × Smart Robot Car
1 × Infrared Remote Control
Note: Without Micro:bit and 18650 Batteries.