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HALJIA Stainless Steel Floating Switch Liquid Water Level Control Sensor Stainless Steel Vertical Float Switch Used in Electrical Drainage Level Control and Alarm L= 45mm

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Product Specifications:

1. Product Name : Water Level Sensor Float Switch
2. Material: stainless steel
3. Switching current: 0.5A
4. Max switching voltage: 100V 
5. Maximum Temperature:120°
6. Color: Red, Silver
7. Thread Dia(Approx) : 10mm
8. Switch Body Size (Including thread): 60 × 28 mm (Max H × D)
9. Cable Length : 38cm
10. Weight:39.5g
11. Widely used in electronic, electrical, chemical, water treatment, drainage, level control and alarm.

The point of the float is fixed, and there is a circlip limit on the upper and lower sides. The reed switch contacts inside are not movable.
The reed switch contact current inside the float switch is small, and the large load will burn out. Control the solenoid valve, the alarm should be added with a small relay, and the control pump should be equipped with a small relay and an AC contactor.

Packing List:
1 x Stainless Steel Floating Switch