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HALJIA Tiny DS1307 I2C DS1307 24C32 Real Time Clock Module for Arduino AVR PIC 51 ARM

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Memory: 24 C32 32 K I2 C EEPROM
With CR2032 battery
With read and write function. 
Operating time: approx. 1 year (fully charged) 
Provide clock signal for microcontrollers. 
Cascade other I2 C devices. 
DS1307 is a low-power real-time clock chip with 56 bytes of non-volatile RAM, full BCD code clock and calendar. 
The address and data will be transmitted via a two-wire bidirectional serial bus. 
The chip can provide information such as seconds, minutes, hours, etc., and the number of days in each month can be automatically adjusted. There is a compensation function for leap year. 
AM / PM flag is to determine whether the clock operates in 24-hour or 12-hour mode. 
There is a built-in power-sense circuit in the chip with powering down detecting and battery switching functions. 
Under battery backup mode, power consumption below 500uA. 
Accurate calendars up to the year 2100. 
Ideal for DIY project. 

Package Inculded: 
1 x DS1307 module