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HALJIA TJA1050 CAN the controller interface module the bus driver interface module

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  • Fully compliant with ISO 11898 standard, high-speed rate of up to 1Mbit/s.
  • EME very low electromagnetic radiation, electromagnetic interference EMI is extremely high.
  • No power nodes will not cause disturbance to the bus, TxD pin is clamped to prevent time-out function in the dominant bus level.
  • Quiet Mode provides a listen-only mode and "Babbling Idiot" protection, protecting bus pins prevent the automotive environment transient interference. Input stage and 3.3V and 5V devices compatible output drivers affected by temperature protection to prevent battery short circuit to ground, at least 110 nodes can be connected.
  • Size: 22 * 11 mm / 0.87 * 0.43 in(L * W )

Pin Power Supply: 5V
Supply voltage tolerance: +/- 5%
When not on the passive power: Yes
TxD dominant: Yes
The minimum bit rate: 60kbit / s
3.3V I / O compatibility: Yes
Size: 22 * 11 mm / 0.87 * 0.43 inch(L * W )
TJA1050 has two operating modes: high-speed mode, silent mode.

High-speed mode
High-speed mode is the normal operating mode, the pin S connected to ground can enter this mode. 
Since the S pin internal pull-down feature so that when it is not connected, high-speed mode is the default mode of operation. 
In this mode, the bus output signal has a fixed slope, and to try to quickly switch, this model is suitable for large bit rate and a large bus length, but this time its transceiver small cyclic delay.
Silent mode
In silent mode, the transmitter is disabled. So it does not matter TxD input signal. Thus, the transceiver operates in a non-transmitting state. 
It is at this time the supply current consumption as in a recessive state when the pin "S" then high, you can enter silent mode.

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