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HALJIA TM7711 Module Electronic Weighing Sensor 24-bit AD Module Microcontroller HX710A SCM Pressure Sensor

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  • Model Number:TM7711 module
  • This module uses 24-bit high-precision A/D converter chip TM7711, which is a single-channel analog channel input designed for high-precision electronic scales.
  • The input circuit can be configured as a bridge-type (such as pressure, weighing) sensor mode that provides bridge pressure. It is an ideal high-precision, low-cost sampling front-end module.
  • Single chip microcomputer weighing AD module-TM7711 and HX710A chip are hardware and software compatible; TM7711 is more cost-effective.
  • Made of high-quality materials, durable and strong.

Type: Voltage Regulator
Application: Electric Toy
Supply Voltage: standard
Dissipation Power: standard
Operating Temperature: standard
colour: Black + blue
Material: Plastic + metal
Size:33 × 16.5 × 3.2 mm

Packing List: 
1 × TM7711 Module