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HALJIA TM7711 Module/Electronic Weighting Sensor 24 Ad Module Microcontroller HX710A High precision Pressure Sensors Designed for High Precision Electronic Scale Compatible with Software and Hardware

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Model Number:TM7711 module/electronic weighing sensor
The TM7711 is a single-channel analog front end for low-frequency measurements on electronic scales. The device accepts low-level input signals directly from the sensor and then produces a serial digital output.
Single chip microcomputer weighing AD module - TM7711 compatible with HX710A chip is hardware and software; TM7711 higher performance-price ratio.
This module uses the high-precision 24 A/D converter chip TM7711, which is designed for high-precision electronic scales and has a single analog channel input.
The input circuit can be configured to provide bridge-bridged (eg, pressure, weighing) sensor modes, making it an ideal high-precision, low-cost sampling front-end module.
The chip also has the advantages of high integration, fast response, strong anti-interference, etc., which can greatly reduce the overall machine cost of the electronic scale system and improve the performance and reliability of the whole system.
Size: 33x 16 x 5 mm 
Weight: 2.2g

Packing List:
1 x TM7711 electronic weighing sensor module