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HALJIA Trigger Cycle Timer Delay Switch Circuit Dual MOS Tube Control Board DC 24V/12V Replacing Relay Module

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  • 0.1 seconds (minimum) to 999 minutes (maximum) continuously adjustable.
  • This product is easy to use, powerful, very useful product, often used to control motors, light bulbs, LED lights, DC motors, micro-pumps, solenoid valves, etc., through this module, you can easily control these devices, very convenient.
  • To achieve a high-frequency circuit fast frequent on-off switch unlimited number of times.
  • The on-off process does not produce noise, no spark, no electromagnetic interference.
  • Dual MOS shunt active output, lower resistance, more current, strong power, 15A, 400W, to meet the most use of the equipment. life long life than conventional electromagnetic relay.

1. Wide voltage (5 ~ 36V), most devices can be used, very convenient; 
2. The interface is clear and simple, powerful, easy to understand, meet almost all your needs; 
3. There is a key stop function (STOP key), with reverse polarity protection, reverse polarity does not burn; 
4. Add the sleep mode function, after enabling, without any operation within 5 minutes, turn off the monitor automatically; Any key to wake up; 
5. You can set a different OP, CL, LOP parameters, which are independent of each other, were saved; 
6. When all settings automatic power-down save parameters. 

Operating mode: 
P1 mode: after the trigger signal, the relay is turned OP time, and then disconnect; in the OP time, as follows
P1.1: Invalid signal triggered again
P1.2: Re-timing signal is triggered again
P1.3: Reset signal is triggered again, the relay off, stop counting;
P-2: to the trigger signal, relay off for time CL, OP relay conduction time, after the counting is finished, disconnect relay;
P3.1: After the trigger signal to the relay turned OP time, relay off CL time, then the operation cycle, to signal to the relay off, stop the counting once again within the loop; cycles (LOP) can be set;
P3.2: After power without triggering signal, the relay is turned OP time, relay off CL time, cycle the operation; cycles (LOP) can be set;
P-4: signal holding function if there is a trigger signal, timing is cleared, the relay remains on; when the signal disappears, after timing OP disconnect relay; timer period, then there is a signal, the timing is cleared;

Package Inculded: 
1 x switch module(Two versions, ship randomly.)