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HALJIA Voice Control Delay Module Repair Small Table Lamp Small Electric Fan Toy Car Electronic Building Blocks Universal Connector Direct Drive LED Motor Drive Board DIY Accessories 1.5A Red

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High-power transistor output can directly drive the motor or high-power LED, the maximum load capacity of 1.5A.
Wide voltage 3-9V, can be powered by two dry batteries or 5V charging treasure.
Built-in anti-interference circuit, will not be affected by motor interference and malfunction (except noise).
The built-in delay ends the fast discharge circuit, and the power-off is crisp and neat, and there is no such thing as a break in the output end for a few seconds at the end of the delay.
Voice delay module can complete works such as: voice control lights, voice control fans, voice control cars, etc.
Size: 31 x 25 x 11mm 
Weight: 3.5g

Packing List:
1 x Voice control delay module