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HALJIA W1209 DC 12V -50 to +110'C Temperature Controller Control Switch Thermostat Thermometer Sensor Module

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Supply voltage: DC 12V
Static current: less than 5MA, attract current: less than 65MA
Output voltage: DC 12V
Output power: 10A relay
Measurement input: NTC (10K 0.5%) Waterproof Sensor
Environmental requirements: -10~60'C, Humidity 20%~85%
Dimensions: 48 * 40mm
Cable length: About 30 cm
Temperature control mode: ON / OFF
Temperature range: -50~+110'C
Control accuracy: 0.1'C
Hysteresis accuracy: 0.1'C
Refresh rate: 0.5S
High temperature protection: 0~110'C
Resolution: When temperature is 0.1'C, the resolution is -9.9~99.9, other temperature segment is 1'C
Display Type: 0.28-inch digital tube

How to use:
Connect the power supply and the load, you can supply to the controller,
Is displayed as a measured temperature,
Press the SET button, the display flashes the temperature,
Press - to set the desired temperature,
After setting press SET to confirm return,
The controller automatically performs the relay by setting off!
Lights, LED status descriptions:
Indicator: Off The relay is switched off, Always indicate the relay is closed.
LED: Shows LL is the sensor open, showing ?HH is out of range, the thermostat will be forced to close the relay, the display --- as high temperature protection.

Package Included:
1 x -50-110'C W1209 Digital thermostat Temperature Control Switch 12V + sensor.