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HALJIA Wardrobe Hand Sweep Sensor Module Touch Infrared Sensor Switch Light Sensor 30-80mm Short Distance Scan Sensor Electronic Components Sensor Modules Board Chip DIY Supplies For Closet Cabinet

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Hand sweep the infrared sensor switch. As long as the hand is within 3-8cm from the sensor head, the infrared sensor switch is illuminated as the hands move.
No need to touch, hand sweep induction, anti-electricity, reduce bacterial growth, more peace of mind.
Hand-sweeping sensor switch, easy to operate, more convenient. One sweep and ligh on, then sweep and ligh off.
This product increases the welding area and improves the quality, and is suitable for most common light panels on the market. 
The design has sufficient margin to prevent the components from contacting the lamp housing and causing a short circuit.
Small size, great use, can be installed anywhere in the room. The controller can only be used for switching control of LED lights and not for inductive loads. (such as inductors, motors, relays, etc.)
Size: 42 x 12 x 8 mm 
Weight: 1.8g

Packing List:
1 x Hand sweep sensor switch