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HALJIA Waterproof Temperature Sensor Probe DS18B20-55 °c to +125 °c 3 Meter Temp Sensor Thermometer Thermistor Detector

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Color: black 
Material: plastic
Probe temperature sensor chip: DS18B20
Stainless steel pipe encapsulated waterproof moisture-proof anti-rust 
Stainless steel housing: 6 * 35mm 
Lead length: 300cm 
Power Supply: 3.0V ~ 5.5V 
Adjustable resolution: 9 to 12 
Wide temperature range: -55 °c ~ +125 °c 
Output leads connection: Red (VCC), Yellow (DATA), Black (GND)
No other components, unique single bus interface.
Each pin of the chip is separated by heat shrinkable pipe and sealed by adhesive inside, avoiding short circuit and waterproof.
Applied to environment, lab, refrigerator, car, green house temperature monitoring,silos, storage tanks, telecommunications room, power room, cable ducts etc.

Packing List:
1x DS18B20 temperature sensor probe