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HALJIA ZP10010-2 Liquid Water Level Sensor Vertical 2 PP Float Switch Tank Liquid Water Sensor Dual Floating Switches White

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  • Product Name : Floating Switch; Model No. : ZP10010-2
  • Contact capacity: 10W; Switching voltage: AC/DC110V; Switching current: 0.5A
  • Thread Dia(Approx) : 10mm; Switch Body Size : 23 x 114 mm (Max D*H); Cable Length : 41cm
  • The float liquid level switch is a liquid level control device with simple structure and convenient use. It does not need to provide power supply, has no complicated circuit, and has the advantages of smaller volume and longer working life than general mechanical switches.
  • The float level switch and any liquid or pressure and temperature can be used. It is widely used in the shipbuilding industry, generator equipment, petrochemical industry, food industry, water treatment equipment, dyeing and finishing industry, hydraulic machinery and so on.

Working Principle: 
The liquid level sensor is mainly composed of a reed switch and a floating ball. The floating ball has magnetic material. 
One or more reed switches are arranged in the closed non-magnetic metal tube or plastic tube, and then the catheter is passed through a Or a plurality of floating balls with magnetic material, and using the fixed double ring to control the floating ball and the reed switch in the relevant position, the floating ball rises or falls with the liquid, and uses the contact point in the ball near the beginning of the magnetic spring to generate opening and closing. 
The action is used as a level control or indication (When the float is close to the reed switch it is on; when it leaves, the switch is off).

Product Specifications:
1. Contact capacity: 10W
2. Switching voltage: AC/DC110V
3. Switching current: 0.5A
4. Insulation resistance: >10Ω
5. Contact resistance: <100m
6. Resistive load: 107 times
7. Operating temperature: -10~60°C
8. Working pressure: <0.6MPA
9. Medium specific gravity: >0.6
10. Switch material: PP
11. Color: White, Red, Black
12. Thread Dia(Approx) : 10mm
13. Switch Body Size : 23 x 114 mm (Max D*H)
14. Cable Length : 41cm
15. Weight:25.7g

Regarding the float wiring, it is recommended to use a small relay because it is low in current consumption. Especially for the motor with AC contactor solenoid valve motor, it must be connected to the relay.

Packing List:
1 x Floating Switch