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MCH - Metal Ceramic Heater

    MCH is a new generation of medium and low temperature heating elements produced by directly printing resistance paste on the AL2O3 alumina ceramic green body, baking it at a high temperature of about 1600°C, and then processing electrodes and leads. MCH is another new product after alloy Electric heating wire,  PTC heating element.

   MCH is widely used in daily life, industrial and agricultural technology, communications, medical treatment, environmental protection, and many other fields that require medium and low temperature heating.

   In terms of household electric heating appliances: such as small warm air heaters, hair dryers, clothes dryers, heaters, heating and cooling phones, dryers, electric heating splints, electric irons, electric irons, hair straighteners, curling irons, electronic vacuum flasks , Holding cabinets, electric cooking utensils, toilet ceramic heaters, water heaters, etc.; in industry, such as industrial baking equipment, electric heating adhesives, water oil and acid-base liquid heaters, etc.; in the electronics industry, such as small special crystal devices constant temperature Slot; in medical treatment, such as infrared physiotherapy instrument, intravenous injection heater and so on.

Product Advantages:
1. Simple structure;
2. Rapid heating and temperature compensation;
3. High power density;
4. The heating temperature is high, which can reach above 500℃;
5. High thermal efficiency, uniform heating and energy saving;
6. No open flame, safe to use;
7. Long life and reduced power attenuation;
8. The heating element is insulated from the air, and the components are resistant to acid, alkali and other corrosive substances.

Product principle:
Ceramic heating plate, it is a safe and reliable electric heating plate that heats up the surface of the board after electricity and has no open flame. Since the heating plate mainly relies on heat conduction when in use, it has high thermal efficiency.


If you need Metal Ceramic Heater, look at these products:

70MM × 15MM:

👉12V 30W 70mm x 15mm       👉12V 70W 70mm x 15mm       👉24V 110W 70mm x 15m       👉220V 120W 70mm x 15mm      

40MM × 40MM:

👉5V 8W 40mm x 40mm       👉12V 48W 40mm x 40mm       👉24V 96W 40mm x 40mm     

10MM × 10MM:

👉2-14V R=5 10mm x 10mm       👉2-18V R=10 10mm x 10mm       👉2-28V R=20 10mm x 10mm

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